Study of a Raven


A big black Raven flew past my window and landed on a small cedar branch.  Too small I thought!  but I was wrong.  He settled in and preened a bit before he left.  I had time for some photos.

An Amazing Day for Yard Birds

We had an amazing bird watching day from the Arizona room!  We could not go on our outside deck without scaring the birds away and we surely did not want to do that.  

The bird list and a few pictures to share::

Finding Quiet Places

I'm always on the look out for places that rest my eyes and make me quiet inside.  This was a stormy day at Watson Lake, Precott, AZ.  The trees at the waters edge reflect is not only a place for me to enjoy but it is also a place for red-winged blackbirds and Great Blue Herons.


Seed Pods offer Inspiration

When I see a seedpod my first thought goes to the combination of shapes!  So many parts to a seed pod.  And then I think, hmmm, nature's jewelry and that thought brings me to ideas for my jewelry!

I love to photograph seedpods!

The Stillness of a Moment

The Stillness of a Moment

by Linda Britt

What can I see in a moment of stillness? 

There is no wind.  No gentle breeze.

There is no movement as I gaze across the lake. 

Inspirations from Nature

My regular site for blogs is

Since Google does not like having the same blog in two places (so I hear), this site will be photographs that inspire my imagination.  They will usually be nature photos but maybe not always.  I love the shapes and colors in nature and never tire from photographing them.  Most of the pictures here will be mine but sometimes I'll include ones I find on the internet.

Here's hoping you will enjoy them!


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