About Linda Britt

I create jewelry as individual as you are - using both traditional and non-traditional techniques.  Metal clay, mixed metals, polymer clay and beads - I love them all and like to experiment.   My jewelry reflects your individuality!  

What we see, how we live, and what we produce should make our lives more beautiful and interesting .Each piece of my handmade jewelry is unique and and made with care. 

Design and creativity have been part of my life since I was a little girl making doll clothes without patterns.  I moved to making my own clothes with my own patterns to making elaborate wedding cakes.  I taught classes from junior high school through college.  For 25 years I was an interior designer in Tucson, Arizona and the last 5 years I have been making one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  Now that I am retired, I get to focus on creating unique jewelry pieces.

 Each of my pieces combine the elements of good design, craftsmanship, and integrity with the joy of creating. I hope my work brings happiness to your life and beauty to your world.

 Footnote:  I use silver metal clay and Mojave Stone in some of my jewelry.

A little information about the stone and metal clay:

My dad and brothers mined a stone in the Mojave Desert in California, brought it home to Missouri and made cabochons of it. They trademarked it in the 1970’s “MOJAVE STONE and MOJAVE ROYAL BLUE”. It is a natural stone admixture of green and blue colored minerals swirled together in a quartz matrix in varied patterns. Pure copper, silver, and gold are scattered through the stone. It has a hardness of 4.5-7. When Dad died a couple of years ago, I received the polished cabochons and started making jewelry.

Art Clay became my medium of choice and I often combine the stone with my silver designs. Art Clay Silver (ACS) is powdered fine silver mixed with non-toxic binders and water. When kiln or torch fired, the binders burn away to leave pure 99.9% silver.